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Sumy ICM visit to IADT - Student Cabinet Mobility - 25th February to 1st March 2019

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What is a Student Cabinet???

A student cabinet is a place in which to keep students? Not quite... Student Cabinet refers rather to a paperless feedback and information system for students, a possible single point of entry for each individual student to the ICT systems which their studies require.

Sumy State University have developed such a system, as a result of recommendations made during our June 2016 Tempus ALIGN project peer review of SSU's 'Computational Mechanics' study programme.

The concept behind our new ICM (International Credit Mobility) project is to allow SSU staff and students to present the university cabinet system, so that IADT staff can peer review the cabinet, using IADT lenses.

Our lenses might  include...  Need?Doability?Practicality?Integration with (or replacement of) existing systems? WHY?Design? Uex - Usability Experience?UD – Universal Design?GDPR?Data protection and responsibilities?Potential?

Terminology will also be crucial for our project, with the development of an updated c…

ICM Student Cabinet system - from October 2018

International Credit Mobility (ICM) between Sumy State University (SSU) and IADT Student cabinet system 13th October 2018 to 20th October 2018.

This was an initial ICM scoping visit, to conduct some preliminary training and to scope out the concept and possible dates for our cabinet project.

-Sunday 141010 SSU QA Vice Rector presents cabinet system student surveys… -161018 – DQ meet with SSU Rector
-161018 – SSU cabinet development team presentation – Vladislavetc -161018 – SSU e-learning platforms development team (Yuri Zuban) -171018 – meet with SSU cabinet team and student cabinet user group -171018 – DQ lecture/presentation on ‘Life Cycle of Academic Programmes’ -181018 – Yuri Zuban – visit to SSU e-learning centre
-181018 – meet with SSU Journalism (ICM – DESTIN inter-project coaching) -181018 – visit SSU Journalism Faculty -181018 – planning ICM mobilities with International Office -191018 – SSU International Day. DQ lead presentation ‘Internationalisation in Irish HEIs’